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Sunday, July 20, 2008

to my goldfish memory

Two days ago, my sister and I facing Peter Krause from dirty sexy money and his manager in the elevator:

Me [to myself]: oh my god i know this guy!

Peter Krause [probably surprised by our ignorance]: Hello

My sister [who doesn't know whats going on]: Hi

Peter Krause : where are you guys from ?

My sister [me still squeezing my brain so hard]: Bahrain

Peter Krause : Oh :)

Me : do you know where that is ?

Peter Krause : Yea i do

-- arrived at the second floor..

Him : Nice to meet you guys, Bye.

Ten minutes later at our room ,i remember. I went back to the lobby for the ABC function hoping to find Patrick Dempsey, but no i didn't.I did however see the guys from Scrubs, Brothers & Sisters, and Tom from desperate housewives.This is why i hate my memory..although i don't think i wouldve plucked up the courage to speak of anything else.
I do have pictures that i haven't yet uploaded. Will post someday.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

zipcode: 90210

dear minnie mouse,
i left your home yesterday after spending the most miraculous 5 days ever. I had the most amazing experiences which i think everyone should encounter. From the most spectacular performances to the magical mickey shaped cookies in disney, and shows of very smart connection between people and shamu's followed by dining with the sharks at seaworld--i tell you minnie, your home is a lot of fun. I must say though, you are very devoted to mickey judging by the to-do list at your place.I admire your love to him despite the squeaky voice.

I'm now at our second destination, Beverly hills 90210. I just arrived here today morning and i am loving it already. I can tell this is a place i'll want to return to as soon as i'm gone. The weather is very pleasant, and i'm staying at the same neighbourhood the movie pretty woman was filmed in~circa 1990.
until i blog again-happy holidays*


Thursday, July 10, 2008

inside my head

How does one get away from life's imperfections ? Last night before i went to sleep i thought of all the imperfect things in my life and others. It was a long chain of thoughts scattered over lots&lots of people.

How attached to life am I ? I wish there was some kind of standard to compare myself to. I love my family, i love purses, i love shoes,i love i love i love,,but deep down i want to remind myself how irrelevant all these things are. I want to have it in my heart that wether or not all these things are available to me, I will be a better person.
I want to wake up one day being satisfied enough with the things i have done in life, knowing i tried my best.I know I don't right now.
well, thats me trying to put my tres random thoughts in words.

I just finished packing my bags for our tour starting tommorow morning. I am so excited about split-caming, & i'll try to make sure i dont burn out the rolls this time.
until i blog again, au revoir.

July 4 at Seqouia

and it rained again

fireworks- j'adore

p.s. STC movie was beautiful to watch, with amazing dresses+shoes+handbags. But whats with all the between the line advertising ? Seriously.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a cat's tale

i landed in Washington DC a few days ago, but had to figure out some adapter issues at radio shack until i got my hands on the right outlet. It's very pleasant and peaceful here, but im still not used to the new-comer in our world,aka muffy my sisters cat. I've seen his pictures before and thought he was scary, but when i saw him face to face i must admit he has the cutest ugly face ever. He looks like hes always pushing his nose to the inside, with the furriest face. I must say i never know what 'curiosity killed the cat' was about, now however, i really know. I keep my distance from him very carefully, and when i go to sleep i make sure i close the door to not encounter any accidents that involve me screaming and landing off the bed on the floor(has happened, only on a chair). So every morning when i wake up, he makes the most heartbreaking sounds at the door until i let him in, of course i only do that when im done with my sleep.
right now, im the only one awake and so he sticks around me and snoops on everything i do lol. I wish he could talk or smile, communicating would be much easier.
That said, he reallllyy reminds me of lucifer from cinderella,, only a million times less evil.I think its the way he walks.



i'm off to the container store now, home of organizing wonders.I heart that store to bits.
have a great summer day.


breakfast at 4 am before takeoff


sushi at miyagi, the most delich salmon sashimi


the infamous Georgetown


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