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Thursday, November 30, 2006

baking with janet

i've been taking cooking classes the past few weeks at the Cookery Studio with Janet. I made english scones on the first class , a delicious chicken pasta on the second , chocolate caramel shortbread on the third , and today , faiiiiryyyy cakes the Prince Charles way. <3
I must say i was so pleased i finally learned how to bake a cake without using powder in a box. X)

you tube is my latest online hangout.Although i'm a tad late, i spend hours watching my fav. that 70's show.I've also been searching up some "classics", such as home alone. It's one movie i will never get tired of watching , i guess it brings back some good memories.* Also my dream of strolling the streets of NY city one day <3.

Monday, November 13, 2006

lomo days

I've been busy with my lomos these past few days.I finally got my rolls scanned and uploaded to my lomohome , theyve been lounging around for weeks.Customizing my holga was a major difficulty since for some reason she likes her batteries installed in a very odd way.
Thankfully,i got it right by taping it down with my miracle double sided tape. I am now re-mixing my fisheye pix with whatever comes on the holga, and still snapping. the results should be amusing!
today, i intend to bake some cupcakes and decorate them.8) yes i was inspired by the millions of cupcake luvers on the internet. I also want to lomo-shoot them..
I will post pix of the preperations once im done.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Before i came across the The purse forum i thought i had a crazy addiction to purses. Now however, i think my addiction is completely normal. It's funny how different people find their own obsessions.
I guess no one understands real obsession until they fall for one.

I came across a cupcake blog for cupcake obsessions today , which has archives of the prettiest cupcakes.
All cupcakes,All the time. I must say i wasnt much of a cupcake person, i got a sudden urge of baking cupcakes after finding all those fancy fairy cakes.

annnd after a long wait,i finally got to watch the devil wears prada, and i highly recommend it to all fashion-interested people like moi [especially Hermes lovers x_x].I must say though,its not just the fashion element that i luved, i also found it realistic in some way.Despite the toooo happy ending.

And this is my first post! :)