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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

O eight

i flew back home a few days ago, suffering from my non-sleeping habits on board a super long flight. Even the cabin crew sympathized with me when i think from where they stood no eyes were open but mine.Still, i think that is the way to go when youre flying to other time zones.Luckily, i don't suffer from jetlag.
My O eight vacation was a dream come true in many ways. Our destinations were fulfilling to our expectations, and we made the most out of it.
I'm back home now, but the moments and memories lived-hopefully- will remain in the very little space i have left in my super goldfished memory.
I'm still unpacked, and all my life is in boxes and suitcases right now as we happen to be moving. So until i unpack and share my special items and cupcake eyes polaroid snaps, make sure you make the most out of your ramadan. It is afterall god's gift to us.Ramadan kareem.

p.s three things you must try:
a. madeleines avec green tea at starbux, theyre light as air.
b. orange-ish red toe nails and flipflops.
c. night-jogging

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Monday, August 11, 2008

for the cake lover in you

feast your eyes on the most exquisite cakes made by Martha.Its a delight flipping through the pages.No wonder shes always smiling. Available at Barnes&Noble.


Saturday, August 09, 2008


While i was munching on my cheese & broccoli meal watching Jane Austen's persuasion outdoors on a chair on the little balcony, i decided i would blog afterwards.

I'm the laziest blogger there could be, leaving out the most exciting events of my summer to be blogged about someday. I don't think of myself as a writer, or a blogger of interesting things to discuss..mainly, i blog to remember. This is more like a log for me to go through sometimes ,and reminiscence.

As far as my summer goes,after our aquaintance with Peter Krause at the Beverly Hilton, I just kept falling deeper in love with los angeles.

My fav was Robertson Blvd where all the boutiques are, including the new chanel boutique where rare pieces are said to be displayed.Our night destination on several nights was The Grove, where fountains danced to frank sinatra music. Laguna beach had a summer-movie-scene feeling to it, even though i couldn't swim but just watching my brothers crash the waves and digging my feet into the hot n soft sand was delightful. The cherry on the top was a drive through Wisteria Lane, with the actual homes and cars as seen on the series were. I must say though its disappointing to see how all movies are just incredible graphics put together, and sets of 3 miles at most.
To sum it all up, if you like shopping,the beach,celebrity hunting,whimsical cars,exquisite restaurants,yoghurt and berries sprinkled with granola in sweet packaging,etc. you will heart l.a just as much as i did.

From there we flew to las vegas, the land of casinos. As bad as it may sound, vegas is not only for gamblers. I mean, sure they make an extreme effort to tempt every single visitor to pitch in by making the casino the centre of all hotels, making it impossible to get to anywhere in the hotel sans passing through all the clicking and chips stacking, you can get your way around it for a few days. My highlite however was the spectacular performance of The phantom of the opera. It was just incredibly well done, and to my surprise the opera singing was not at all irritating at the performance. Even my brother -who is really not fond of the theater,fyi- had a good time. Though i must say, i think vegas was meant for americans who decide not to leave their country. The venetian is where we stayed, a taste of italy very well done. With gondola rides and performers around the corners with hand made icecream, it totally puts you in a very italian mood. I even managed to get my hands on a beautiful carnivale-style mask that i only saw once before in the actual Venice, and then hated myself for not getting one.
Just on the other side of the street is a clone of the eiffel tower, and a few blocks later a statue of liberty. I tell you, many cities in one. After all, where else would you find a barneys newyork store along side a gondola boat with a striped costume driver singing an italian tune but vegas. Alas, if you know yourself to be a fast breaker to the temptations around you, It is quite the sin-city.

photo sets


Location : L.A
1.The only celebs i managed to catch on my lens, beverly hills and santa monica.

Photobucket berry craze, my mix is blackberries and granola with the original yoghurt,dogs i fell in love with at laguna beach


Location :Universal Studios, L.A.
3.E.T stuffed toys,homer's donut,a [marilyn monroe?],wisteria lane, and the war of the worlds scene.


Location :Las Vegas
4.slot machines{at the airport!},not newyork, and not venice.


5.the most beautiful cake displays at the Wynn tower, not paris, the phantom of the opera theatre.


6.finally, a beautiful pink waterfall at the Wynn.

Wow. I should be payed by the ministry of tourism after all that. That is by far the longest time i have ever spoken to myself.

Right now I am in whats starting to feel like a second home, Virginia. Munching on George town cupcakes ,watching movies and shopping for equine couture is all i feel like doing until i get to bahrain. I miss that little kingdom oh so terribly.Might i suggest BBC's Persuasion by Jane Austen. Makes me want to walk into her mind and find out how she writes all these outstanding stories.

In the end, munch on your closest divine cupcakes whilst i munch on mine.


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