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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

O eight

i flew back home a few days ago, suffering from my non-sleeping habits on board a super long flight. Even the cabin crew sympathized with me when i think from where they stood no eyes were open but mine.Still, i think that is the way to go when youre flying to other time zones.Luckily, i don't suffer from jetlag.
My O eight vacation was a dream come true in many ways. Our destinations were fulfilling to our expectations, and we made the most out of it.
I'm back home now, but the moments and memories lived-hopefully- will remain in the very little space i have left in my super goldfished memory.
I'm still unpacked, and all my life is in boxes and suitcases right now as we happen to be moving. So until i unpack and share my special items and cupcake eyes polaroid snaps, make sure you make the most out of your ramadan. It is afterall god's gift to us.Ramadan kareem.

p.s three things you must try:
a. madeleines avec green tea at starbux, theyre light as air.
b. orange-ish red toe nails and flipflops.
c. night-jogging

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