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Thursday, July 10, 2008

inside my head

How does one get away from life's imperfections ? Last night before i went to sleep i thought of all the imperfect things in my life and others. It was a long chain of thoughts scattered over lots&lots of people.

How attached to life am I ? I wish there was some kind of standard to compare myself to. I love my family, i love purses, i love shoes,i love i love i love,,but deep down i want to remind myself how irrelevant all these things are. I want to have it in my heart that wether or not all these things are available to me, I will be a better person.
I want to wake up one day being satisfied enough with the things i have done in life, knowing i tried my best.I know I don't right now.
well, thats me trying to put my tres random thoughts in words.

I just finished packing my bags for our tour starting tommorow morning. I am so excited about split-caming, & i'll try to make sure i dont burn out the rolls this time.
until i blog again, au revoir.

July 4 at Seqouia

and it rained again

fireworks- j'adore

p.s. STC movie was beautiful to watch, with amazing dresses+shoes+handbags. But whats with all the between the line advertising ? Seriously.

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger ting said...

your shots are so much fun!


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