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Monday, March 17, 2008

endurance adventures

Saturday was the day. The endurance race we had waited for. We left home at 4:30 am to get there before the 1600 km race began. Stopped at 24 for snacks,and got there at 5 am. It was amazing seeing all those people awake at that time waiting for the racers to begin. It was a big race this time, with lots of different competitors. I drove for 5 minutes until i got to a corner and sunk into the sand x_x.Some patrol soldiers came and pulled us out , and then i was extremely careful not to sink in again. Its incredible how people are passionate about horses. I wasn't ever interested in a particular sport, but a horse race i can watch forever. Theres just some peaceful atmosphere they create. We followed for hours and watched the vet checks between each round. It was amazing this time. The winner was Shk.Hamdan AlMaktoum of uae.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

globe trotting

If i had a private jet , i'd pack my bags and leave to a new destination every weekend.This weekend, i would like to go to Los Angeles. Although i havent been there, Rodeo Drive has always sounded good to me.

On the 14th of march however, i'd be in NYC. Why? For the Sole Desire exhibition held at the FIT museum, Seventh Avenue at 27 Street. I would so love to attend a shoe exhibit, let alone chris louboutin's show. These flower mary-janes are too sweet.

Later on, I would stop in Paris. Live the parisian atmosphere in rue saint honore, champs elysees, & laduree. Also, i would practice my very,very poor french skills. Je parle francais maintenant, tres peu.Probably the only thing i would say.

Bon,alors back to reality.The only exhibition i can visit is the Masks Exhibition held at the national museum of Bahrain.

I really need some time off,don't I ?

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