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Saturday, June 30, 2007

on hiatus

its quite funny how i postpone my updates until i have enough words and photos to add to one post, but once theyre collected i can't seem to find the right time to do so.
dear diary, hello from dublin. Now theres a sentence i never thought i would say.
Im here to visit my sister and keep her company for a while since i haven't seen her in quite a long time. The country is nice and green, the weather is very pleasant. I'd come here if i ever work and then decide to retire to retreat and find my peace of mind.
I also came across one of my most honorable discoveries. Brunch icecream. Now it may not sound special to anyone else, but to me it is. Years ago, when i was about 10 years old, i had an addiction to this icecream which we only found in a little cold store a few minutes from where i lived. For some odd reason, the icecream was discontinued. I never saw rockyroad ever since.
After one day in dublin, i found Brunch in tesco, which is extremely close to rockyroad. I now have two bars of brunch daily.
Too bad i can't pack boxes of icecream.
Besides brunch, we've been taking long roadtrips to some beautiful areas around dublin. The greenery makes me want to play golf,,i always wanted to but seeing a real live green course makes it much more desirable.So maybe i will one day.
Ive still got to stay here for a while before i continue on my summer vacation, i should try and post more often.

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my cuppa tea whilst watching an indian movie

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homes at howth

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lake howth ?

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lunch at milano, dundrum


At 5:09 AM, Blogger ♥p i n k i e said...

Howth looks absolutely lovely! Espeically the weather :) Wish I could visit for a couple of days :)

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Pearly said...

cool u went to Dublin ...the weather is Amazing there .
Ur sis studies Medicine ? I know most of da ba7rainis over there.


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