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Friday, March 23, 2007

a break

lately ive been stuck on a show that i am in luv with; prison break. It is too good it glues me to it , and once i start i cannot stop.Which is bad right now because i should be studying for my economics final thats on sunday x_x my first exam is tommorow, its not so bad thankfully i studied a little bit in advance and i know the material well.
well back to my topic, i think Paul Scheuring - the creator of the show - is a genius. It is so well done, and the events are so unexpected.I'm usually good with expecting what comes next, but this show has proved me wrong a few times already.
Throughout the episodes my heart beats so hard its like i'm part of it or something, haha which beats me because im not that type of person.
well the good news is its picked up for a third hooray. read more @ buddy tv


At 5:08 PM, Anonymous shopgirl said...

Prison Break keeps me on my toes!! I stopped watching it i can't handle it anymore but its a great show if you don't mind the suspense :D btw u'll know who I am from the name :) lol

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous DxBrOSe said...

Oo00o0oh Sweeeeetsss yoour back!!! I <3 the new look! and im so glad your back!!!!
Tell me about it lol...prison break is so addicting and yes i got to agree with you Paul Scheuring is a genius. I dont know why i thought it was coming at an end at season 2, i can't think of anything else they can do, but we'll see when season 3 hopefully comes out eh ;)

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous je m'adore~ said...

I just thought I'd check by your site to see how things are going, its lovely I love the flower motif you have going on ;) and when i saw the words prison break i was like OMG a7is feech walla, I LOVE it.. Michael Scofield is a genius <3 well, I think I have to give credit to Paul Scheuring but I'd like to think Scofield is the genius lol :P I just finished watching the 12th episode of season 2 and my heart was beating 1000x in a minute ;P lol ok too much info but i love talking about pb with other ppl who love it :P great job sweetie and good luck with ur studies :D


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