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Saturday, March 17, 2007

golfer's thoughts

They say golf is the greatest game because the only person you get to blame is yourself.
How easy is it to blame others, and how difficult is it to blame ourselves?

I think blaming ourselves is one of the most challenging tasks to train our brains to get used to. Most people teach themselves to blame others for anything wrong that goes on in their lives. Because ofcourse, that would be the easiest way out.
The hardest blame is the one thrown on to yourself, because you would have no one to hate but yourself.
On the other hand, I believe learning to be responsible for anything wrong that goes on in one's life is a lesson that everyone must learn..although, a lot of times there are actually others included, but learning to carry the burden yourself would greaten the chances of forgiving, and perhaps living on with a lesson learned.

Yesterday my cousins and I made the right choice by going to the movies for the pursuit of happiness,starring Will Smith.
Its been long since i really enjoyed a movie, yesterday's was a great pass. I luv how real it felt all along, especially knowing its a true story. Will did a great job , and so did his lil boy. I missed seeing the real Chris Gardner on Oprah though, which is a pity.

Today, a lazy day so far. I must get to finishing my room quick, its really getting on my nerves.ive literally been to every furniture store around searching for the perfect match for my room. ive got to finish this atleast before finals.
ive also thought of practicing on my photoshop skills before i completely lose them, i made a mini illustration of one of my favorite purses ever, the classique chanel.Not so perfect, but i really did this in half an hour so i applaud myself. &)

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