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Sunday, April 08, 2007

pointless blabber

dear journal,
i came back a few days ago,but was too busy to turn my pc on.
I had fun in dubai, spent some quality time with mum since it was only us most of the time. We literally did nothing but shop..which isnt a problem for me.If i had the choice, i would really travel around the world only to shop.However,i did abuse my feet very badly. I dont know why, whenever i say my shoes are comfortable, they start showing another side to them.The terrible truth is,there is not one single pair of fancy&comfy shoes in the whole wide world. I had to walk around carrying a box of latex free bandages for every scab i got on my poor feet. I even searched for comfy sandals,but they were too hideous to even consider.
so besides the shopping, on the last night we went to madinat jumeirah.Out of a lot of places in dubai, that is one place i really enjoy going to.I love the water side and all the traditional stuff.It's such a beautiful place.

a little bit of interesting info :
Our sense of smell is more complex than you might think. Your nose contain thousands of olfactory nerves.

While your tongue has the ability to taste sweet, sour, salt, and bitter, it is your sense of smell that creates all the delightful flavors you experience.

The olfactory bulb is part of your brain's limbic system, which is not under conscious control. The limbic system controls digestion, libido, and emotions.

So, it's not your imagination that scents evoke emotion. Aromas actually trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that create a feeling of well-being. Scientists say your body's response to an aroma takes just four seconds.

no wonder i am so infatuated with some aromas.Sometimes i worry i have an addiction to arabic incense.Sometimes i feel the urge to be surrounded with that smoke. I am also a fan of dehn al oud , and powdery scents.
My current fav. is penhaligon's cornubia, top note of neroli , middle of jasmine and base of musk & vanilla. Speaking of scents and aromas, the sweetest best friend just got me the greatest gift of all time; a traveller's mobile perfumery kit. thank u so much if ur reading this, luv u darlin. <3

~here comes my stream of un-necessary photos :

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1.the kit
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2.krispy kreme -dubai
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3.yas @ wafi centre
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4.they look so much better becuz of their pink interior
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6.@ madinat jumeirah
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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9.penhaligon's cornubia


At 8:09 AM, Anonymous DxBroSe said...

Wow, not a single blog that I read today didn't have somone saying they were stressed! Ur my number 1=p, so ur enjoying shopping eh?
Loved that perfume kit,soo cute and handy. Btw try neroli jasmine from the body shop, i'm sure u'll like it (Also trying putting a couple of drops of duhn el3ood into the neroli jasmine body lotion- itz amaaazing!!)

At 1:12 PM, Blogger F.Y said...

that sounds divine,thanks for the tip.Will try it out :)

At 2:57 PM, Blogger ♥p i n k i e said...

thnx for sharing the info! glad to hear you had fun in dubai =) i'd have to agree with dxbrose that kits seems so handy!


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