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Sunday, May 20, 2007


dear diary,

do you ever postpone everything to the last minute , and when that last minute comes youre just too bored to even think about the things you had to do ? cuz thats what i do.
Its 1:52 am , i finished typing up the answers for my MIS midterm tommorow, printed them out, and i'm now exhausted. I also have to type up a summary about an extremely nonsense movie we watched in class about some african leader.
Instead, I turn to my number one online hangout, the purse forum.
I have been to many forums before, but this one i don't think i would ever stop visiting. Its possibly my infatuation with handbags that drags me to it everyday, but i am seriously addicted to it. I am now browsing through pictures of celebrities with chanel handbags. This is a treat to myself after hours of reading things i barely understand.
If i could rob one store in the whole world, i would rob chanel. I dont know what it is about those little quilted purses that makes my heart beat faster. I have a goal of developing a vast collection of chanels.
I hope my dream comes true one day.
As for now, i must go back to studying the characteristics of a computer processor.

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