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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sweet london

after a break of tranquility in abudhabi, were here for a break of shopping. The weather here is very satisfying. Not so cold,but cold enough to dress in overcoats and shawls. Today is our second day here, we spent it strolling on sloane and harrods.
I have discovered a discreet love for color I haven't known about before. I suddenly have the urge to purchase things with splashes of color for some reason. I wasn't ever like that, but mum always said i would change one day.
Grey is a color i always go for,according to the color me calm theory ;
Gray is the color of neutrality, neither subject nor object, neither inner nor outer, neither tension or relaxation.Gray feels as though it is not colored, not dark, not light a separation between two distinct entities, a demilitarized zone free from stimulus. Gray communicates an element of non-involvement or concealment. Its a color that remains uncommitted and uninvolved.

todays best, mes notes a laduree.
i really miss riding



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