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Thursday, February 28, 2008


yesterday was a beautiful day for riding, the weather was amazing. After we finished the instructor asked me if i was interested in jumping. I cant say i'm not going there as im quite excited about it, but im a little worried since i've seen horrifying videos on youtube of people shooting out of their saddles while jumping.
It is fascinating to watch people jump though, it has some kind of harmony going on between the horse and rider in that few seconds they soar in.
Show Jumping Made Easy: The Way to Successful Show Jumping (Understanding Your Horse), by Clarissa L. Busch seems like a good source of tips for a newbie to jumping.

I have always had a craze for pretty+chic gadgets. I decided to list a few of my favs :

1.My all time favorite has been a pink smeg fridge. A Scandanavian master piece.

2.Current fav. ? MACBOOK AIR! I recently recieved an email describing Steve Job's brilliant promotion strategy for it. It's unbelievably slim and ultra chic.

3.A pink vertu constellation.seriously the prettiest gadget ever.

4.severe necessity, a light switch beside my bed.

5.a Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope, sky astronomy viewer. i just love star-gazing*

6.finally, a horizon perfekt lomo-For perfekt photos.

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