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Monday, February 18, 2008


i finally managed to make time to quickly give this place a much needed makeover. I had so many things in mind to write about but never really got the time.

The last weeks were full of surprises for me. First a last minute trip to makkah that was absolutely incredible. Its been a while since ive been to makkah in a time other than ramadhan. It was so peaceful and empty at all times which was quite surprising.

A few days later, my cousins and i attended an endurance race for the first time ever. We left home at 6 am and got there at around 7:30 when the 160 km race began shortly afterwards. It was amazing following those horses all around until the final round, but made me feel really sorry for the disqualified horses after vet checks. I'm sure the winners felt extreme victory after the effort they put into this.I learned afterwards that endurance weakens horses a lot, and could result in death of some horses. I wouldn't be comfortable doing that to them, although the race was really a beautiful experience.
I also finished my midterms, thats when i decided to work on fixing up this place.
as for now, i must put myself to sleep. a bientot.

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