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Sunday, January 13, 2008

rain drops on my window


I am so loving the weather this year. Although im quite confused as to why our winter has suddenly become so cold, I cant say im not enjoying it. I finally have a chance to wear all the jackets i've just wondered when or where I would wear , hoping i'd have a winter vacation somewhere. Last week was a busy one for me, with my intensive intersession course that i finally finished yesterday and lots of occassions to prepare for. I had loads of fun though, spent with cousins and friends mostly playing tricks(or trex?), a game i recently learned.
I've liked other card games before, but this one is just really fascinating it makes one want to go on and on until you get your chance to win. It's quite annoying sometimes cuz the chances of winning with bad cards are reaaaallly slim, and you'd just get stuck losing points and face.
Today i start my winter classes, with a crammed schedule on sundays tuesdays and thursdays i've got mondays and wednesdays off along side the weekends <3.The best thing i've registered for this time is my french class, i have wanted to learn french for so long i finally get the chance to.I'm also getting back on track with my riding classes tommorow, i'm quite worried about how cold it gets down there especially while riding.~

don't you just love the old cartoons? while shopping last friday with my friends we passed by Mimosa boutique where a vintage black&white betty boop episode was playing on an lcd screen.I think thats just the perfect touch to a chic layout to bring out the retro feeling.anyhow, that brings me to what i've collected today, a few clips of cartoons i loved when i was little.Enjoy~

my little pony

pink panther


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