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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

After Ramadhan

Ramadhan was great this year. It was special in a different way, and thankfully i had nothing to do all month long since i had an extended summer holiday! I was fortunate to get a Umra alhamdulla. If i haven't mentioned it already, my time in Makkah during ramadhan is really my best time of the year. The peaceful aura surrounding that place is just beyond description, one would have to live the moment in order to understand its bliss and beauty.
After ramadhan, I hope to keep up with what I have promised myself i'd do.. to me , ramadhan is a chance for everyone to find themselves every year, and probably fill in some gaps in their life. Its hope returned to every individual in a different way.
I believe knowledge is the key to gaining religious wisdom and understanding. Knowing what everything is really about makes practicing a lot more enjoyable. I promised myself i'd work on educating myself in that sense, hopefully i'll live up to my promise.~

After Eid, I got back on track with my uni classes and my horseriding lessons. Today was trotting for quite a long time with Milan.I had some trouble with the stirrups flopping in and out during the trot, I wonder if that will ever stop happening.He was a good boy , although i left the stable extremely exhausted and still am. &)
As for now, I'd better get my rest..

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