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Thursday, November 01, 2007

thursday night

monday ; visited Maya chocolate bar for the second time for a divine candle heated chocolate fondue with marshies and cake to dip and indulge.
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tuesday ; riding with Handsome for the first time.With a beautiful covered in white complexion, he defines the word Handsome. I had a hard time coping with his playful mood,he refused to trot and stopped whenever he wanted to. Still, hes my favorite. I hoped my instructor would make him my permanent ride.
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wednesday ; shopping for jodhpurs.After an hour of looking around i finally set for a
sarm hippique sand color one.I found it easiest to move around in,also suited mon helmet.
today; riding again with the tres handsome,handsome.He was a lot better today and seemed to listen to what i asked him to do.,i have to keep reminding myself to look ahead though, as i keep looking down at his irresistable beauty and he ends up finding his way on his own. The weather was reallly delightful today as wel, the breeze was so soothing~ a beautiful day for riding.
also, my long awaited phytonectar hair products are finally here! X) My hair care system is as follows :
1.Phytojoba hydrating shampoo
2.Phyto 7 Daily creme
3.Phytolisse smoothing serum
4.Phytobaume conditioner with mallow
for a healthy feel hair experience, i suggest these phytotastic products.
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At 2:43 AM, Blogger Dark AngeL said...

Hi there ..

am glad that i passed by ur blog .. I loved it :) and about ur hair products i think ill give them a try :D


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