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Saturday, May 03, 2008

flowers are fun

while i waited for jeoffrey at Lily to make the arrangements for me, i got the sudden urge to start a flower shop. I've always loved watching the florists nip the stems before arranging the roses & cutting through the water filled blocks. The super cold room where all the flowers are has a distinct smell to it that makes me happy somehow. Never mind me and my business ideas though, i do go too far sometimes.

I haven't been tagged, but felt like filling in this list , so here goes the contents of my makeup bag :

My Foundation: Armani's Designer liquid foundation

My Mascara: Benefit's bad gal. I have been meaning to change it, never bothered to

My Favorite Makeup Product: I'd say eyeshadow, soft brown shade from M.A.C

My Perfume: dehn al oud, Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur, Tumulte(pour homme) by Christian Lacroix

My Ultimate Dream: To do all i can to help those in need + genuine happiness for myself and those around me. Perhaps a wardrobe full of lovely things is considered a dream as well ?

How Do I Define Womanhood:A series of sacrifices, embellished with lots of lovely things on the side.

Woman I admire for her beauty:I dont admire any woman for her beauty. I believe everyone has something beautiful about them. However i do admire some for grace and style.

My Beauty Product Brand:Newbie to SKII, loving it tho! The facial treatment essence is incredible, i also use the whitening source derm definition. I tried many products , those really work. You can ask Cate Blanchett.

Day Cream: Natura Bisse Double action hydro protective day cream. Sometimes I use the Ayur.Medic calming cream. Both excellent.

My Essential Beauty Product: Dermalogica soothing eye-makeup remover.Since my skin is extremely sensitive, I cant ever use any product without a result of mild rosacea or redness. This one is by far the best makeup remover i have ever tried. Can't go anywhere without it.

Three Products (besides solar) to bring on a Deserted Island:Shampoo ,Mouthwash, and facewash.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style:It's got to be Coco for creating an empire I dream of taking over. Audrey Hepburn, Queen Rania, & SJP(minus the disasters sometimes).

My Favorite Fashion Publication:Elle,Vogue,InStyle.

nyxxie,i tag you if youre reading this.xx c:

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At 2:46 PM, Blogger nyxxie said...

hahaha okay darling i luv the stuff btw <3 so happy you liked the face creams

At 5:46 PM, Blogger nyxxie said...

i answered it ;p


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